Family Owned Since 1979!

Once upon a time there was a skinny, big dreaming 18 year-old named Bud Chatham. He’s a die-hard fly-fisherman who thinks a cutthroat trout rising for his caddis fly is pure poetry and he was willing to do anything to spend a summer in Jackson. Bud begged his aunt and uncle, the previous owners of Snake River Park KOA and River Trips, to let him spend his college summer cleaning bathrooms at the campground. Scrubbing toilets turned into river guiding for Snake River Park. In this time, young Bud took 100’s of river trips down the Snake River. One day, Bud invited his girlfriend Kelly (now wife) to join him and, of course, she fell in love with the river (and maybe Bud too).

Kelly and Bud spent so much time on the river that they saw waves when they closed their eyes. This caused them to think, “Wouldn’t it be cool to own a river company?”.  Bud and Kelly first bought Dave Hansen Whitewater and later purchased both Snake River Park KOA and River Trips upon Uncle Stan’s retirement.

We’re all about respect and love for the river. We think an eagle perched on a tree or an osprey diving for a Snake River cutty is pure beauty. That the stillness of the early morning as the sun filters through the cottonwoods is pure splendor. We’re all about a quality experience for our customers and not a rushed trip down the river. We value safety first and train guides who are not just Snake River guides, but guides who can read any river, who can get you laughing, and get you smiling. We think we’ll be the highlight of your trip. Thanks for reading our story, and we can’t wait to take you down the river!

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A Grand Teton sized thank you for floating down the scenic Snake River with us!

A guided scenic rafting trip floats down the Snake River with a view of the Tetons.