Wet & Wild

We’ve partnered with BrushBuck Wildlife Tours to unveil the most incredible wildlife encounters in North America. Drift along with Snake River Park River Trips and extend your exploration with BrushBuck’s renowned Grand Teton Wildlife Dawn or Dusk Tour.

Guided by BrushBuck’s wildlife experts, venture into their prime wildlife viewing spots, where grizzly and black bears, eagles, elk, bison, wolves, pronghorn, and moose may grace your presence. This tour is not just a wildlife spectacle but a journey enriched with history, park landmarks, and the breathtaking scenery that has made it world-famous.

Key details about this unique package:

  • BrushBuck Outfitters offers many different types of tours through Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding area. If you would like to look at other trip options that BrushBuck offers, feel free to contact them at 888-BUCKTOURS, or check out their website. The “Wet n’ Wildlife” package consists of 10% off any SRP activity and BrushBuck activity.
  • Wildlife tour pickup locations include the Home-Ranch Parking Lot in downtown Jackson or the Stilson Ranch Parking Lot (Teton County Park & Transit Center Lot) for those staying in Teton Village.
  • Wildlife public tours require a minimum of 2 persons.
  • The package is flexible for use over two separate days.
  • Enjoy snacks, refreshments, and the use of binoculars and spotting scopes during the 4-hour (approx.) Wildlife Tour.
  • Park Entry fee is not included but covers seven days and is transferable to both National Parks.
  • Please note that your credit card will reflect two separate charges: one for the river trips and another for the Wildlife Tour.

Unleash the wild side of your journey with a blend of river relaxation and captivating wildlife exploration!